Route of the month - January 2022

This route takes in some of my local gravel sections, through Wharncliffe Woods, past Damflask – Morehall – Dale Dike – Broomhead - Strines reservoirs, over a high point on Lodge Moor with great views of Win Hill.

Its 50% off road (roughly) and 95% rideable on a gravel bike.

Conditions get sloppy at times. I'd advise tyres of 35c upwards, or even a MTB if you don't mind a few long road sections.

There is a river crossing with stepping stones if you don't fancy chancing it.

Take care on a very steep slippery grass descent.

One section of descent, dropping down the moors gets unpassable when wet, you can get around the edge of it though (see “slop” picture, taken from the bottom of the descent for ref.)

A few sections may have cows and sheep so take it easy around them.

It's muddy, it's soggy, it's boggy, it's probably going to get cold. The word “gravel” in the winter months of the UK is not quite accurate. I think slop/sludge may be a better way of describing it.

Not all the monthly routes are going to be as daft as this one!

I have also created a road (ish) route that avoids the bad bits but still has a few nice gravel sections thrown in. Also, the pictures were taken after a few days of very heavy rain.

As a bonus, I have hidden a cassette cog to 'redeem' for a free basic service (see “clue” image). If you find it, get in contact and we will book you in! You must send a screenshot of the completed route to show the full loop was finished! (hidden on the “gravel” route).

Difficulty – 8.5/10 – due to the time of year and track conditions.

Allow 4-5 hours for the route, it's slow going at times depending on the weather.

If the off road gets too much, the road route keeps pretty close if an escape route is needed.

You can ride the route at any time, at your own pace, with whoever you like.

These are NOT organised group rides, you are responsible for your own actions and must prepare for all eventualities. I encourage you to study the route, download the GPX, and plan accordingly. Make the ride your own, feel free to tag Slacks Cycleworks with images and stories from your ride.

All being well, I will be doing the route starting at 9am on the 30th January, anyone is welcome to join to ride at the same time

The route uses shared use trails, please be courteous of all other users, it's not a race, be nice, say hi, don't be a dick. Most of all enjoy the route, take in the views, have a good time!

Gravel -

Road -

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