Tropical Leaves

Full clean

Gears adjusted

Brakes adjusted (cable)

Drivetrain inspected for wear and lubricated

Wheels and tyres inspected and pressure checked

Safety check

Labour cost of replacement parts not included (if needed)


Tropical Leaves

All aspects of the Basic Service Deep clean of drivetrain (cassette removed)

Checking of all bearings for wear and play, adjusted and re-greased where applicable

Labour cost of replacement parts included (if needed)


Tropical Leaves

Bike restoration 

Upgrades and Modifications

Tubeless conversions

Wheel trueing 

Bike builds

Please enquire for prices and any other needs

Basic Service

General Service

Other Services



I have been a passionate cyclist for twenty years. Always fixing and working on my own bikes when things went wrong. This year I decided to turn my passion into a job.


Based in High Green – Sheffield, Slacks Cycleworks is a friendly, affordable cycle servicing and repair shop. Providing services from puncture repairs to full restorations of classic bikes.


Please get in contact through here, Facebook or Instagram, with any requests or enquiries you may have.